Sport Recreational Trailers

Ridgeline aluminum trailers are the most competitive option on the market. They have been designed to be more than just a snowmobile trailer. They’re the Swiss Army Knife of trailers – hauling any UTV, ATV, sled or skid house with ease. Ridgeline uses quality aluminum stock and components to deliver the best value for your dollar. So, when you’re looking for a trailer with guaranteed quality and value, choose Ridgeline Sport Recreational Trailers.

Trailer Accessories

Many accessories to choose from. Here is one of the most appealing salt shields on the market, not only being a salt shield for your toys, but also acting as a ramp when wanting to load your units from the front.

Salt Shield Ramp 2

Super-strong standard construction allows you to load from any side!

Salt Shield Ramp
– Great features, Incredible Value –

Always Leading. Always Trailing.

• 4-Frame construction – outer frame is a box tube


• 5/8″ marine tech plywood deck


• Fully welded all aluminum alloy frame


• Rubber torsion axle suspension


• E–Z lube grease system for long bearing life


• Safety chains with spring loaded clips


• Multiple tie down positions standard. Additional tie downs can be added


• The rear and front deck is equipped with hyfax carbide slide and glide system to assist loading and unloading and is also replaceable

• Independent adjustable axles equipped on 12 ft. and longer trailers


• 3/4″ tie-down cranks with 1″ x 2″ bars with ski protector boots


• Recessed flush mounted sealed lighting system


• A-Frame tongue with nylon bushing pivot points equipped on tilt models


• The rear and front deck is equipped with hyfax carbide slide and glide system to assist loading and unloading and is also replaceable


• Slide channel equipped on side of trailer for multiple tie down or side rack options


• 10-year structure warranty (see full warranty)

Hard Working Configurations

We’ve been building trailers for a long time – so we know what works best. That’s why our lineup is short, only (5) models, but packed with industry leading standard features. You have to look closely, usually underneath, to see why our build quality trumps the rest. Huge aluminum frame extrusions, overbuilt design features and a list of goodies that will work for every load.

(8.5 Ft. X 10 Ft. Tilt)

Equipped with 4-frame construction, with 2″ x 4″ main frame rails, A-frame style tongue, torsion suspension axle, e-z lube hubs, 2 tie-down bars, recessed flush mounted lighting, 1 piece wiring harness, 5/8″ marine tech plywood and hyfax rail equipped on the rear and front extrusion for effortless loading and unloading.

(8.5 Ft. x 10 Ft. V-Front Drive-On/Drive-Off)

Ridgeline’s 2-place v-front drive-on/drive-off trailer is the perfect choice to haul two sleds or two ATVs and have the convenience of loading and unloading with a standard equipped ramp. Ridgeline also offers this trailer in a 8.5 ft. x 11 ft. model for the individual that needs extra room for 2-ups or mountain long track snowmobiles.

(8.5 Ft. X 12 Ft. V-front Drive-On/Drive-Off)

Ridgeline’s 12 ft. trailer gives you all the big trailer structure features in a compact size. Utilize this trailer for a 2-place snowmobile trailer or a 3-place ATV trailer (we recommend upgrading to 3,500 lb. axle and heavier ply tire for 3-place ATV trailer). This trailer is equipped with 4-frame construction, 6″ main frame with adjustable axle, 10″ tires, loading ramp, tongue jack, and 2 tie-down bars.

(8.5 Ft. x 14 Ft. V-Front Drive-On/Drive-Off)

When it comes to 3-place trailers it doesn’t get any better than the Ridgeline 14 ft. tandem. This trailer comes complete with 10″ tires, loading ramp, 3 tie-down bars, tongue jack, and 2,200 lb. adjustable axles. Electric brakes become optional on this model, choose 2 idlers or 1 electric/1 idler or 2 electric axles. This trailer also works great for a 4-place ATV trailer.

(8.5 Ft. x 22 Ft. 4-Place Trailer)

Ridgeline’s 22 ft. trailer is shown with upgrade 13″ tires and wheels. This trailer is equipped standard with tongue jack, loading ramp, 4 tie-down bars and 2,200 lb. electric torsion axles. This trailer also works great as a 6-place ATV trailer when you upgraded to 3,500 lb. axles and 13″ tires and wheels.


You name it, we’ll build it.
We’ve gone as long as 40 ft. – so shoot us a line and let’s build it.
– Great features, Incredible Value –

Pulls It’s Own Weight

Standards The Competition Can’t Touch

Why has high quality become synonymous with “over-built”? Well, while other trailer manufacturers are looking for ways to cut corners, we’re bolstering builds and refining designs. We’ve always tried to bring the best product to the market for the dollar. We offer more standard – and you’ll notice the difference right away: ¾” tie-downs, 4-frame construction, 2”x4” or 6” main frames, pin-through tongues to name a few. Ridgeline is quality and value – all backed by an airtight warrantee.


We strive to be the best and that is why we back up every trailer that we ship. Large aluminum tubes, tempered extruded aluminum stock, and tested features are just a few reasons our trailers stand the test of time. You can rest assured that this our trailers will provide years of great service – guaranteed.


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