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Your docks greet your customers, and a solid dock is a firm handshake. Ridgeline is a top-tier manufacturer trusted nationwide in the commercial marine sector. We’d love to work with you.

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Our Docks Keep Your Guests and Their Boats Protected

All of our docks, especially the Premium docks are built extra stable to help your customers keep their balance on your docks. Plus, the internally mounted posts and optional dock bumpers help keep boats in pristine shape.  

Attract Customers With A Pristine Shoreline

The Premium line of Ridgeline docks has a modular design that allows you to add as many slips as you need. Plan it just right, and your customers will see a busy dock with just enough places to spare. Plus, with mounting brackets every 4 feet, you can configure your dock to your shoreline’s needs.  

Make the perfect shoreline to suite your guests' needs:

Aluminum dock accessories and options for every need:

We ship across the entire nation.

Get A Marina Built To Attract Customers

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The NEW Car Hauler Is Here!

The Ridgeline Car Hauler has arrived, and it needs a parking spot in your driveway. Checkout the trailer today to find the right model for you.