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Dock FAQs

Read frequently asked dock questions about all of our docks.

List includes:

  • ¾” Wrench
  • ¾” socket ratchet (impact/drill)
  • (2) Sawhorses/Braces
  • Jigsaw or Hole Saw w/ Drill (notching decking)

That’s it! Please consider other tools for accessories or initial attachment options like a our chain kits.

Long as you desire. Just keep in mind the depths of water our docks perform best in. There are docks/piers of Ridgeline spanning 400’ on some shorelines!

The SureStep brand dock decking we provide with our dock products is ahead of its class. It offers a 100% lifetime UV protection warranty. Our no maintenance polypropylene decking comes in 4’x4’ panels. All removable decking, for install and removal purposes. It is a grated decking surface that has a medium grade texture when comparing it to other similar products. If you can’t tell, we are a huge fan of our decking product!

Consider what most would call it, a “post sectional.” Simply purchase 8’ or 16’ sections with post & pad assemblies. Stack your sections near shore. We can do that!

We do offer above the dock winch kits that prevent having to go in the water. Pending on the depth change, some consumers have their docks set at a height that keeps them in the “safe zone”.

We would recommend at this point considering a floating dock. Our dock systems work fantastic for these applications! Ask us about dock floats, and auger products.

Again, always depends on the severity of what “mud” means. 3’/6’/24’ of muck can really be a different situation. Number one option is a floating dock system. Second recommendation is using bolt on pockets with standard posts and pads. That way, you have the ability to remove the dock posts when it comes to removal season. Unbolting the post pocket gives one enough leverage to remove the post in thick muck.

Any of our dealers should be able to provide add-on sections or parts for your existing dock systems. That’s the beauty of the modular dock system we build.

Ridgeline recommends installation and removal seasonally. All warranty claims due to ice damage will be declined. There are dock owners who take the risk of leaving their systems in permanently. Some are successful, some are not.

In a lot of cases, yes they will! Give us a call if you are unsure.

The answer is “no”. Some may want the service provided, but a lot of dock owners can install & remove their dock themselves! Our docks are built for the DIY’er and that’s where our dock’s find their niche. They are user-friendly and universal.

Have you seen our deep water chain kits? They work for both our dock lines. Otherwise, the most simplistic way of adding more stability is to add more post support.  

In many cases you do. Pending on the lake application and the configuration you have, it is likely you may have to be in the water to attach additional sections or to adjust the height to level your dock. Check out links of installation and removal techniques!

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