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Trailer Warranties

5 Year Trailer Warranty

The following warranty shall govern as to each new trailer sold by Ridgeline Mfg., during a period of 5 years of Ridgeline trailer structure to the original owner.

TO ORIGINAL OWNER: trailer structure, upon examination by Ridgeline Mfg or its’ dealers, are determined to have been defective in material and or workmanship under normal use, maintenance, and service, shall be repaired or replaced by Ridgeline Mfg., selling dealer or repair facility authorized by Ridgeline Mfg. Said parts claimed to be defective in material and / or workmanship must be brought to the attention of Ridgeline Mfg. or the selling dealer by written notification within ten days of discovery, any repairs or replacement must be commenced within 45 days, thereafter. Except for the above warranty, it is agreed and understood that no other WARRANTY expressed, implied, or statutory is made by Ridgeline or its’ selling dealer, AND THAT THEY DO NOT MAKE ANY IMPLIED WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS. Ridgeline is not in any way responsible for consequential damages to person, personal property, from improper or lack of maintenance, improper assembly, or improper installation of any products manufactured or other manufactured products used within Ridgeline products.

Products purchased by Ridgeline Mfg., for the use in Ridgeline Mfg., trailers and/or accessories shall be covered by warranty only to the extent of the manufacturer’s warranty and shall not be the responsibility of Ridgeline Mfg. Ridgeline Mfg. will aid the original buyer to obtain satisfactory warranty service from the original manufacturer.

This warranty shall not apply with respect to any claimed defect, which in the judgment has arisen from repair, or alteration not authorized by Ridgeline Mfg., from owner misuse, improper assembly, improper installation, overloading, negligence, accident, damage by automobile accident and severe weather conditions. 09/07/22

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