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The Highest Quality Docks

The Premium Docks are the easiest to use, best looking, and most durable docks you can buy for your shoreline. Their value is instantly apparent in the build quality, materials, and design.

Ideal Depth



Limited Lifetime



sectional / roll-in

Built To Be Like Walking On Solid Ground

Like the reliable LT DIY Kit dock, our Premium docks have 3 center stringers, internally mounted posts, plus Sure-Step no-maintenance polypropylene decking that withstands storm surges, minimizes water and wind forces, and is environmentally – and barefoot-friendly.  The Premium Dock goes to the next level with its built-in stabilizer kit and extended wheel pockets to keep it rock solid. Plus, the Premium’s trusses have an extra support channel & larger diameter trusses to lock it in place.

Create An Attractive Shoreline That Suits Your Needs

Ridgeline Premium Docks come in 8ft and 16ft aluminum sections that have mounting plates every 4’ along the sides of the dock allowing you to connect sections in parallel (side-by-side), perpendicular (capital-L-shaped), or end-to-end (straight-lined). This modular design allows you to increase length, add an extra boat slip, or even extend the patio.

Customize your setup to build it the way you use it:

Docks are built with never-rot & never-flat plastic wheels but can become sectional:



Aluminum dock accessories and options for every need:

A Reliable Dock, Season after Season

The Premium Dock isn’t just easy to install this spring and simple to remove this fall. It is built for 2 springs, 3 springs, 4 springs, and more. Between its Quick-Button Hinge Kit for connecting sections and the customizable wheel configuration, it delivers an easy install and removal process over and over.

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