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Affordable & Lightweight Docks

The LT DIY Kit Dock is designed and constructed to be lightweight and easy to install. It truly is a best-in-class option and provides excellent value.

Ideal Depth



sectional / roll-in


5 year


6 pre-built

Built to Be Lightweight and Stable

The Heat-Treated Truss and 3-Stringer Center Support Design aren’t just there so we can boast about quality, they make every step a sturdy one. On top of that, our Sure-Step no-maintenance polypropylene decking withstands storm surges, minimizes water and wind forces, and is environmentally – and barefoot-friendly. Spend time on the water instead of repair and upkeep. 

Launch Quickly with A Kit, Add On Later

Easily load, carry and assemble the dock configuration that suits your shoreline – it’s the weekend warrior’s dream lakeshore project. All the hardware, legs, decking panels and wheels are banded into the frame – it ships complete. We recommend starting with our most popular (5) section kit, which provides a great start point and the best “bang for your buck”. The Kit Dock is a modular design, so you can always add sections and easily change up your configuration.

Purchase your dock as a kit or configure as you want:

Docks are built with never-rot & never-flat plastic wheels but can become sectional:



Aluminum dock accessories and options for every need:

Easily Install Your Dock For Years to Come

The LT DIY KIT Dock is a simple and economical solution that delivers big performance season after season. The lightweight makes for an easy install and removal that can be done by hand with one or two people or with the help of different equipment.

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