LT Docks

This lineup has all the benefits and features of the Premium, but designed and constructed to be Light Weight. It truly is a best-in-class option and provides excellent value. It harbors the same build quality with our exclusive Heat-Treated Truss and 3-Stringer Center Support Designs. With support plates every 4 ft., just like it’s big brother, allows you to add-on or reconfigure on the fly. It also accepts most of our standard dock accessories and looks great.


The Best Way To Launch

LT Dock Features

Years of in-house development and shoreline testing have delivered an uncompromised level of quality. Smart design features and simple usability hacks make our docks the best value in and out of the water. Explore all the features available on our LT Docks:

• (3) Center Stringer Supports

Every Ridgeline dock feels sturdy – no matter where you step. Over built? Nope. That’s firm ground. Just standard Ridgeline build quality.

• Heat-Treated Trusses

With lighter gage aluminum we’ve been able to shave off weight and maintain a solid build. Square tube truss rods bolster the rigidity and durability.

• (Optional) Adjustable Shore-End Wheel Kit

Every This add-on really helps connect your shoreline to landing pad. Raise or lower to maximize an easy on and off experience.

Build It The Way You Use It

Customize With Our Smart Accessories

Ridgeline Premium and LT docks deliver exceptional value with standard features as well as add-ons that make your dock usable and accessible. You can be sure that all our accessories are highly functioning and add value to your shoreline experience. They’re all built to the highest quality standards to match your next Ridgeline dock.


Our LT dock series is backed up by our exclusive 5 year warranty. We use the finest aluminum stock around and pour our blood sweat and tears into every single weld. You can rest assured that this the best value on the market for your dollar. We never cut corners, literally and figuratively, that’s why we’re proud of every dock that rolls out. We guaranteed it.


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Questions, requests or just wanna talk about fishing? Shoot us a line – we’re ready to field your questions and help bring your dream dock to life. Ask for it by name, the Ridgeline LT dock is best value you can get on any shoreline.