DIY Kit Docks

Our kits include everything you need to take home and assemble in the same afternoon. Our most popular (5) section 32 ft. ‘L’ package has an 8’ x 8’ pad at the end with a leg and wheel kit. It’s a perfect starting point for almost any shoreline – plus you can add sections on-the-fly. The Kit Dock will fit in almost any pickup truck bed and bolts together in less than an hour. Roll it in the water and start enjoying the lake – Ridgeline Kit Docks make it that easy.It also accepts most of our standard dock accessories and looks great.


32' dock w/ 8' L fits in most
pickups & small trailers!


The Quickest Way To Launch

Do-It-Yourself Kit Dock Standard Features

We’ve placed all the years of manufacturing experience from our Premium and LT lines into our Kit Dock configurations. Easy load, carry and assemble – it’s the weekend warrior’s dream lakeshore project. All the hardware, legs, decking panels and wheels are banded into the frame – it ships complete. We’ve made it a simple and economical solution that delivers big performance. Explore all the standard features available on our Kit Docks:

• Complete frame is lightweight, hardened heat-treated extruded aluminum construction backed with a 5-year structural warranty against manufacturing defects


• 10.5” heavy-duty truss design for added strength and lightweight design


• 3 center stringer design for added deck support


• Mounting plates every 4’ along sides for ease of adding slip or patio section


• Ends of all sections equipped with added truss rod support for additional strength


• Dock can be assembled and adjusted with optional leveling kit – you don’t even need to be in the water!

• All standard posts are mounted inside the frame. This allows boats unobstructed access when docking


• Removable 4’x4’ rot-free and anti-slip polypropylene grate style decking allows wind and waves to pass through. Removable panels allow for ease of installation. Includes a Lifetime Warranty to original purchaser on UV protection.


• Roto-molded plastic 1200lb. capacity wheels. Never rots and never goes flat


• Modular design allows additional 8’ sections to be added anytime – increasing length, or adding a side-slip or patio

Complete Kitted Configurations

We’ve put together kits for the most popular configurations in 16’, 24’ and 32’ sizes. We recommend starting with our most popular (5) section kit, which provides a great start point and the best “bang for your buck”. Pick the kit that suites your shoreline best. The Kit Dock is a modular design, so you can always add sections and easily change up your configuration.


Ridgeline 16 ft. Straight


Ridgeline 16 ft. with 8 ft. L


Ridgeline 24 ft. Straight


Ridgeline 32 ft. Straight


Ridgeline 32 ft. with 8 ft. L


Ridgeline 24 ft. with 8 ft. L


Build It The Way You Use It

Customize With Our Smart Accessories

The same great add-ons for the Premium and LT series are now available for our Kit Docks. You can be sure that all our accessories are highly functioning and add value to your shoreline experience. They’re all built to the highest quality standards to match your next Ridgeline dock.


Our Kit Dock series is backed up by our exclusive 5 year warranty. We use the finest aluminum stock around and pour our blood sweat and tears into every single section. You can rest assured that this the best value on the market for your dollar. We never cut corners, literally and figuratively, that’s why we’re proud of every dock that rolls out. We guaranteed it.


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Questions, requests or just wanna talk about fishing? Shoot us a line – we’re ready to field your questions and help bring your dream dock to life. Ask for it by name, the Ridgeline Kit dock is best value you can get on any shoreline.