For those of you who don’t know, family matters to this company. Ridgeline Manufacturing is owned and operated as a family organization. This whole family is made up of SEVEN members, including from the youngest, Jaylene, Alexa, Ben, Tamrarai, Trevor, and Julie & Nick. We have grown to be family first, business second, but both very important to us. We strive to keep family oriented values and morals to the business side of things and many people appreciate that. We have not only grown as a company, but a family too. Yes, we have our differences, but we are able to look past that and look at the strengths and positive things that every individual embeds within themselves. Currently, Trevor and Ben are working for Ridgeline and both have their roles to make this company succeed alongside Julie & Nick where they have molded this company since 2007. Jaylene is now in the 7th grade and is in the best years of her life. Alexa is attending Creighton University in Nebraska, Omaha and is pursuing a medical career while doing her undergrad as a premed student. Tamrarai is working full-time in Little Falls, MN and has proved herself as a hard-working, organized, and a diligent working townswoman who is always eager to learn and better herself as a person and employee. Thank you for taking the time to check out a little about what our story is and we look forward to helping you along the way to enjoy what we supply to consumers everyday! And we almost forgot, we have two dogs. Detroit & Leo (Both love Julie, and sort of like the rest of us)

We Are

Living life on the edge, and embracing the outdoor lifestyle. That’s where all the action is – our products take you there.

Nestled deep in Minnesota cabin country you’ll find our team of craftsman and craftswomen. We’ve spent years honing our skills building and delivering the highest grade all-aluminum products. When we’re not at the shop you’ll find us out there on the lake, trail or shoreline. It’s our passion to make things that do just that – get you closer to the wild.

Instead of cutting corners to scale up, we’re bolstering quality and scaling fish. Our products might be called “over-built”, but we call that the Ridgeline standard. It’s a competitive edge that we protect and hold dearly – and back it with an unbeatable warranty. If you’re in the market for a new dock, lift, stairway, trailer or fish house, rely on us for the best value for your dollar. We guarantee that too!


High-Quality stock, heat-treated and forged – some tough stuff.
That's Ridgeline performance and value you can see for yourself – down to the last weld.
Let’s build it!

– Live hard –


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Questions, requests or just wanna talk shop? Shoot us a line – we’re ready to field your questions and help bring your outdoor dreams to life. We’re ready to provide the best value you can get on any lake, shoreline or trail.

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